Welcome to RiskPlace


RiskPlace is a software platform that uses variable combinations of authoritative data-sets to let users run risk-analysis on any property.

This lets lenders, investors and individuals make earlier better-informed decisions.

Why RiskPlace?

Property insights are driven by multiple macro-environment factors, and recent strides in geospatial data allows for a more complete view of a property asset risk than ever before.

Risk profile an entire property portfolio in one place
Simply create standardised outputs

Earlier, more cost-effective validation of data

Automated retrieval from multiple sources

Single dashboard output from all sources

Every attribute is validated

Who we help

Mortgage Providers

Improved visibility and decision making to lend against property, and risk reduction across entire mortgage book

Insurance Specialists

Enhanced visibility for bespoke insurance models and aggregated market data across the insurance sector

Property Owners

Clarity of risk profile against a property prior to fees being paid

Where we add value

1. Data

Create a single view to provide an effective baseline while improving internal efficiencies and reducing error

3. Foresight

Embedding insight driven processes into the business to ensure greater accuracy of Risk assessment is achievable earlier in the lifecycle

2. Insight

RiskPlace analysis provides detailed insights into known and unknown risks, empowering improved decision making

4. Strategic Foresight

Stress test your portfolio based on predicted risks to physical assets over time, driving competitive advantage and compliance benefits

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